Lagoon’s salted fish

The fine fish of the Messolonghi-Aitoliko lagoon acquire even greater gastronomic and commercial value when they are processed, that is, when they are placed in a thick layer of salt for a short time in order to be preserved. Especially when the salt comes from the famous salt pans of the lagoon itself! The main salted fish of this special habitat are small seabreams (ligdes), some species of grey mullets and annular seabreams, and they are mainly produced in local cottage industries.

Salt processing is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. The ancient Greeks used salt as a preservative, and they considered it as a symbol of delicacy. They loved salted fish (they called them “tarichefmena”), and the consumption of this kind of fish was a sign of affluence and refined taste. The salt processing of fish requires a special technique, applied in very specific conditions. It mainly takes place in winter, when the fish are plentiful, well-nourished and fatter. Weather conditions, cleanliness, the quality of the salt, as well as the quality, the type and the size of the fish, all are important, but the fishermen’s experience is the most significant factor. Salted fish can last for 40 days approximately.

The salted fish of the Messolonghi-Aitoliko lagoon are a tasty treasure that combines in a unique way the standout products of this beautiful wetland: fish and salt. You just have to taste them served with oil and lemon and accompanied by a glass of PDO/PGI wine from Western Greece, and the pleasure will overwhelm you.

An aquatic treasure waiting for you to discover it!