Shrimp of Amvrakikos gulf

Melicertus kerathurus (striped shrimp, shrimp of Amvrakikos gulf) is a shrimp species that belongs to the Penaeidae family. It breeds during the warmer months in the estuarine and coastal waters, while in the winter it appears to migrate to deeper waters. It is one of the most important shrimp species regarding commercial fishing.

The shrimp of Amvrakikos is an endemic species of the gulf, which means that it breeds and completes its biological cycle in the waters of this fertile sea meadow – a miniature Mediterranean! The fishing season starts in the beginning of May and lasts until the end of June, while in July fishing is prohibited due to the breeding season. The fishermen’s boats, known as “priaria”, have no keel on them, so they can easily move over the shallow shores of the gulf. After all, distances are short.

The shrimps of Amvrakikos stand out from other shrimps, since they have long antennae, brightly colored stripes on their backs and a size of more than 10 cm. They are very beneficial for the human body, since they contain literally hundreds of proteins, calcium and cholesterol. They are also very low in fat. Above all, they boast an irresistible taste, which is what makes them so famous. They are very sweet and crispy, and they are best enjoyed lightly grilled over an open fire, in order to retain their juices. The smell of sea and salt will emerge… Their delicious meat is of course equally good tasting when boiled or fried. When the raw material is so gifted, even the simplest cooking is enough to highlight it.

The fame of this particular shrimp is such that even the legendary James Bond is lured by its charms in the movie For Your Eyes Only!