Aitoloakarnania is the largest prefecture in Greece. It occupies the western part of Central Greece and is one of the three prefectures of the Region of Western Greece.

The capital of Aitoloakarnania is Messolonghi, a city that has gone down in history for the heroic exodus of its defenders in 1826 and its invaluable contribution to the Greek Revolution of 1821. In the “Holy City” of Messolonghi the lagoon predominates, a wetland of rare beauty and major ecological importance, protected by the Ramsar Convention and included in the Natura 2000 network. At the same time, it is one of the most important fish production centers of the country. Fine delicacies that have gained worldwide recognition are fished and packaged here, such as the famous avgotaracho of Messolonghi, eels and salted fish. The place is also famous for its excellent quality salt, coming from the country’s largest salt pans.

A little further north and east of Messolonghi is Lake Trichonida, the largest and most picturesque lake in Greece, which gives the impression of a sea due to its endless coastline that is buzzing with life. In its freshwater it hosts atherina, a minion fish that is very tasty. The gastronomy of the region also owes a lot to the shrimp of Amvrakikos gulf, which graces every dinner table. It’s a shrimp that abounds in Amvrakikos gulf, another environmental treasure of the prefecture, which boasts a breathtaking natural landscape. The fascinating universe of nature is completed by beautiful mountains, such as Mount Panaitoliko, and rivers such as Acheloos and Evinos, where rare species of fish and birds are endemic. The tour of Aitoloakarnania should definitely include Nafpaktos, with its small Venetian harbor, its well-preserved castle and its cobblestone streets, and, last but not least, Amfilochia, with its romantic seaside setting and its wonderful neoclassical buildings.


Western Greece - Achaia

Achaia is located in the northwestern part of the Peloponnese and its capital is Patras, the third largest city in Greece. Lively and cosmopolitan, Patras is not only home to one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, but also famous for its skillful and impressive carnival.

The graces of Achaia are endless. Ιts unparalleled natural beauty is just one of them. Both its coastline, with golden beaches such as Kalogria and Lakopetra, and its green mountainous masses, such as Helmos, stand out. The Vouraikos gorge, crossed by the famous Odontotos Rack Railway, and the Platanodasos of Planitero are also must-sees for every visitor.

Our tour of the Achaean land could not but include the legendary Kalavryta. Being a place that suffered during the Nazi Occupation, the present-day town keeps the historical memory alive by hosting the Holocaust Museum. Near Kalavryta, you can also visit the Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra, an important landmark of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The travel experience in Achaia would remain incomplete without a stop at the local flavors. Mavrodafne, an excellent local wine, Tentoura, a traditional liqueur of Patras, the extra virgin olive oil, the wide variety of dairy products, with the main one being the Kalavryta feta cheese, as well as the traditional Turkish delights, are all pieces of the gastronomic puzzle that will satisfy even the more demanding palate.


Western Greece - Ilia

Ilia extends in the western Peloponnese and Pyrgos is its capital. The heart of the prefecture is Ancient Olympia, the captivating place where the Olympic Games were born and held in ancient times. In this imposing archaeological site, which was declared as a world cultural heritage site by Unesco, you can admire the Sanctuary of Ancient Olympia, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and the thematic Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games.

The eternal Olympic Flame is rivaled in brilliance by the kingdom of nature. The impressive landscapes and their great diversity are going to fascinate you: river Neda and its incredible waterfalls, lake Caiaphas and its thermal springs –a protected site of the Natura 2000 network–, an ecosystem of memorable beauty called the Kotychi-Strofylia Wetlands National Park, and also the dense forest of Foloi. And as far as sea lovers are concerned, the beaches of Ilia are countless and beautiful. The vast beach of Kaiafas, with its exotic sand dunes, the cosmopolitan beach of Kourouta, Arkoudi, Glyfa, Skafidia… all of them are beaches that you will never forget.

Furthermore, Ilia is a gifted place that produces high quality and delicious products. Raisins, wine, olive oil, handmade pasta, grapes, watermelons and strawberries, all these goods of the Ilian land are the epitome of gastronomy!